North Hall Manor

The site of North Hall known as “Widecombe’s deserted Medieval Manor” lies just to the north of the village green, nestling under the gaze of Widecombe’s magnificent Church Tower. Sadly all that remains now of this once imposing site is the over grown Moat and Apple Pound surrounded by a dilapidated mix of farm buildings ranging from 1940’s milking parlour with dairy alongside livestock buildings.

The owners Michael and Margaret have a vision for a sustainable future apart from the obvious sympathetic re build work we are keen to restore the ancient apple orchard and in February set about planting thirty cider trees recommended to cope with climate and harsh conditions on Dartmoor with a view to producing cider.

Pedigree South Devon BullIn partnership we run a long established herd of Dartmoor ponies proudly using our Grandfathers & Fathers unique brand identification marks. Over the past five years we have graded up the foundation stock to heritage type and on towards pedigree whilst retaining the all essential hardiness and ability to live un aided twelve months of the year on the high moor.

We have finally taken the decision to invest in what was a dream to bring pedigree South Devon cattle back onto the holding. It was with great excitement the bull and show winning heifer arrived last autumn from the Bristol breed sale to join the cow and young heifer previously purchased starting now our serious journey towards forming a prime beef herd proudly carrying the name of North Hall Manor.